Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Stress Takes Its Toll : The Hidden Epidemic ?

It is fast becoming the world’s hidden health crisis and no one is immune ! Stress has been linked to heart disease, depression, impaired sexual performance, nervous breakdown, alcohol and drug abuse, sickness absence, family break-ups and job dissatisfaction. Millions of working days are lost every year as a result of stress. Pressure, stress, burnout and tension have all been inherited from the 1990’s but are we dealing with them any better at the beginning of the new millennium? It seems that every time we open a newspaper,
watch the TV or listen to the radio there is a story about the dangerous effects of stress on every aspect of our lives. Can we take much more – probably not! If anything the pace of life and work is increasing, with fewer people being expected to do more and more with less and less. New technology which was expected to lighten our load  and allow us to enjoy the fruits of our labours has in many cases made things worse! The arrival of the desk top computer, email, internet, video conferencing, the mobile ‘phone – all mean that
people expect us to react and respond faster than ever before. Life and work may overwhelm us so that it feels like we cannot cope and this may push us into a downward spiral of helplessness and hopelessness!

Comments made by people who feel bad but who want to feel good  include

* “I feel trapped without control in my life.”
* “I don’t have time for myself anymore.”
* “I get depressed and have no energy.”
* “I have difficulty sleeping or resting these days
* The quality of my work suffers.” and I get regular headaches
  and other pains.”

How many of us have similar experiences? The sad fact is that most of us do not admit or accept that we suffer from stress – recent research shows that we would rather be told that we have a serious physical illness than be told that we have something wrong with our ‘head’ ! Notice how when the next time you ask someone how they are they automatically answer “I’m fine” – but what they often mean is that they are Frustrated Inadequate Neurotic and Exhausted !!!

I will be posting various ways of helping you to deal with pressure that may cause stress and unwanted problems.